FundsXML at the FundConnect conference on Regulatory Reporting

FundsXML was invited to two conferences on the complex regulatory reporting obligations for European asset management companies. These conferences, hosted by FundConnect, took place in Stockholm and Oslo on the 20th and 21st November 2018.In the presence of numerous guests from politics, business and academia, scenarios and approaches to facilitate the growing reporting burden were presented. The programme focused on fund data standardization initiatives, but also aspects on the sustainable development of financial instruments were discussed from the viewpoint of investors. The FundsXML Initiative was represented by Andy Chan from Robeco Netherlands and Peter Raffelsberger from Amundi Austria. While Andy Chan spoke about the organization of FundsXML and its usage at Robeco, Peter Raffelsberger presented the technical structure and why FundsXML is a perfect solution for efficient and high-quality transfer of fund related data.