Open-source FundsXML <-> CSV Converter

To convert a FundsXML to CSV and vice versa the mechanism has never been as easy as it is with the new open source C ++ based FundsXML <-> CSV Converter. Listening to users’ challenges in creating FundsXML documents, the tool was designed to allow interested parties an easy conversion of files between the two different formats.

Currently the FundsXML <-> CSV converter can be used as a command-line tool which is useful for both interactive and batch processing. To perform the conversion, the FundsXML <-> CSV Converter needs compulsorily an input file (FundsXML or CSV), the matching mapping-definition as well as an appropriate template file. At the moment the tool comes with ready-to-use mapping definitions for EMT, TPT, holdings data and NAV data. To name but a few features, the tool is logging content and format errors of the input files (either CSV or FundsXML format) and the names of the processed files along with status information when working in batch mode.

For data other than represented in the above listed mapping-definitions, additional structural information and parameters can to be supplied respectively in the mapping-definition and the template file. While the template file (in CSV format) is defining the order of columns, the column delimiters and the format of the numbers, modifying the mapping-definition file (in CSV format) allows interested parties to customize the behavior for their specific application.

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