VersionPublicationSchema with modulesSchema all in oneComments
FundsXML 4.2.6April 2024
FundsXML 4.2.6
FundsXML 4.2.5March 2024FundsXML 4.2.5
FundsXML 4.2.4December 2023FundsXML 4.2.4
FundsXML 4.2.3October 2023FundsXML 4.2.3
FundsXML 4.2.2Februar 2023FundsXML 4.2.2
FundsXML 4.2.1November 2022FundsXML 4.2.1
FundsXML 4.2.0May 2022FundsXML 4.2.0
FundsXML 4.1.10November 2021FundsXML 4.1.10
FundsXML 4.1.9May 2021FundsXML 4.1.9
FundsXML 4.1.8November 2020FundsXML 4.1.8
FundsXML 4.1.7April 2020FundsXML 4.1.7FundsXML 4.1.7(AI)
FundsXML 4.1.6February 2020FundsXML 4.1.6FundsXML 4.1.6 (AI)
FundsXML 4.1.5August 2019FundsXML 4.1.5
FundsXML 4.1.5 (AI)
FundsXML 4.1.4February 2019FundsXML 4.1.4
FundsXML 4.1.3July 2018FundsXML 4.1.3FundsXML 4.1.3 (AI)
FundsXML 4.1.2April 2018FundsXML 4.1.2
FundsXML 4.1.1November 2017FundsXML 4.1.1FundsXML 4.1.1 (AI)
FundsXML 4.1.0October 2017FundsXML 4.1.0FundsXML 4.1.0 (AI)
FundsXML 4.0.1March 2017FundsXML 4.0.1FundsXML 4.0.1 (AI)
FundsXML 4.0.0January 2017FundsXML 4.0.0FundsXML 4.0.0 (AI)
FundsXML 3.2.1August 2016FundsXML 3.2.1
FundsXML 3.2.0February 2016FundsXML 3.2.0
FundsXML 3.1.1May 2015FundsXML 3.1.1
FundsXML 3.1.0November 2014FundsXML 3.1.0
FundsXML 3.0.7February 2013FundsXML 3.0.7
FundsXML 3.0.6March 2012FundsXML 3.0.6
FundsXML 3.0.0October 2008FundsXML 3.0.0

Proposals for adjustments to the FundsXML standard may be made by all interested parties. Please address your suggestions to