Validation of FundsXML files

By enabling interested parties to validate their FundsXML documents we are further simplifying the use of the FundsXML format. The validation process ensures that your FundsXML document respects the rules dictated by the corresponding FundsXML schema. Beyond that, this process also confirms that your document meets the W3C requirements for being XML and is therefore considered well-formed.

Many xml tools offer a very simple method for checking XML documents against a XML schema. By referencing the corresponding XML schema as an attribute in the root node your XML tool is able to load the XML Schema. In this way it validates the FundsXML document automatically.

Simply add this information to the root node:

Validation against an XML schema includes the following checks:

– XML document is well-formed (e.g. only one root node, correct closing of open tags, … )
– All XML nodes exist in the XML schema (and are used in the correct order)
– All mandatory XML nodes exist in the XML document
– The content of an XLM field is valid according to the defined format (e.g. valid numbers, valid dates)
– All UniqueIDs (within positions and transactions) exist in the AssetMasterData section