FundsXML at the BVI Fund Operations Konferenz

FundsXML was invited to the BVI Fund Operations Konferenz to present the advantages of using XML to share fund information between the Fund Industry actors

At the BVI Fund Operations Konferenz on 16 March 2017 two presentations informed about the use and the advantages of FundsXML.

Peter Raffelsberger (Pioneer Investments Austria) provided insights into the numerous areas of application. He presented the modular concept of the new schema version 4.0 and the enhanced section for regulatory reporting data like MiFID II, PRIIPS and Solvency II.

Thomas Koop (BVI) focused on the exchange of the statement of assets between custodians and investment companies.

The standardized format FundsXML facilitates to communicate data between the different partners of the fund market. Both presentations in German language are available in the FundsXML website download area.

The annual BVI Fund Operations Konferenz gives an overview of the latest industry trends. About 530 guests attended the event that provided more than 40 lectures and panel discussions.