Version 4.2.0 released

The FundsXML initiative has published a new version of the FundsXML scheme. The new version 4.2.0 contains new data fields for the exchange of information on the European ESG Template (EET V 1.0), the European PRIIPs Template (EPT V 2.0), the European MiFID Template (EMT V 4.0) and the Tripartite Template (TPT V 6.0).

Accompanying the recently released FundsXML Version 4.2.0 we are also able to provide you with a list of EET V 1.0 fields, the EPT V 2.0, the EMT V 4.0 and the TPT V 6.0 together with the appropriate xpaths in the FundsXML schema.

The aim of this measure is to facilitate regulatory reporting procedures for FundsXML users.

European MiFID TemplateVersion 4.1October 2023EMT V 4.1
European ESG Template (Field List)Version 1.1.1February 2023EETV1.1.1
Comfort European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 2.0November 2022CEPTV2.0
European ESG Template (Field List)Version 1.1October 2022EETV1.1
European ESG Template (Field List)Version 1.0March 2022EET V 1.0
Tripartite TemplateVersion 6.0March 2022TPT V 6.0
European MiFID TemplateVersion 4.0March 2022EMT V 4.0
European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 2.0February 2022EPT V 2.0
Tripartite TemplateVersion 5.0December 2019TPT
European MiFID TemplateVersion 3.0November 2019EMT
European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 1.1October 2017EPT
Comfort European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 1.1October 2017CEPT