Report – FundsXML webinar on sustainability

Nowadays it is no secret that a standardized way of exchanging Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data means better results for both the regulator as well as for financial institutions. Therefore innovative leaders know that they need to look out for efficient ways to handle their vast data streams and to harness the power of this data.

In order to help interested parties to achieve these goals, the FundsXML Organisation initiated a webinar called “FundsXML a sustainable journey”, which provided hands-on support and practical advice on this matter.

The webinar took place on 23 March 2021 and was presented by Andy Chan (Robeco). The selected speakers consisted of Carsten Mahler (FundConnect), Pierre Maugery-Pons (Club Ampere & Efeso Consulting), Peter Raffelsberger (Amundi Austria) and Stefan Fischer (Fenion).

In the presence of around 60 interested participants from all over Europe, it was investigated how FundsXML could be integrated in order to leverage the strengths the format has to offer for managing the ESG message.

The webinar provided a strong endorsement of the value of the FundsXML format. Against the background that FinDatEx is launching its dedicated work on the European ESG Template (EET), it was stressed that more than ever, an efficient structure like the FundsXML standard is crucial in order to process ESG data in an automated way.

Futhermore the success story of FundsXML is a perfect example for using an open source format in order to support sustainable IT.