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(Apache xmlbeans)
4.1.3 07/2018 FundsXML_4.1.3.xsd sample 1
(holdings, transactions)
4.1.2 04/2018 FundsXML_4.1.2.xsd  
4.1.1 11/2017 FundsXML_4.1.1.xsd small
4.1.0 10/2017 FundsXML_4.1.0.xsd  
4.0.1 03/2017 FundsXML_4.0.1.xsd  
4.0.0 01/2017 FundsXML_4.0.0.xsd  
3.2.1 08/2016 FundsXML_3.2.1.xsd  
3.2.0 02/2016 FundsXML_3.2.0.xsd  
3.1.1 05/2015 FundsXML_3.1.1.xsd  
3.1.0 11/2014 FundsXML_3.1.0.xsd  
3.0.7 02/2013 FundsXML_3.0.7.xsd  
3.0.6 03/2012 FundsXML_3.0.6.xsd  
3.0.0 10/2008 FundsXML_3.0.0.xsd  

latest 4.x version
latest 3.x version

what is "schema validation"?

An XML schema is a description of a type of XML document, typically expressed in terms of constraints on the structure and content of documents of that type, above and beyond the basic syntactical constraints imposed by XML itself. These constraints are generally expressed using some combination of grammatical rules governing the order of elements, Boolean predicates that the content must satisfy, data types governing the content of elements and attributes, and more specialized rules such as uniqueness and referential integrity constraints.

online schema validation

XML root node bevore 4.0.0:
          <FundsXML xmlns:xsi=""
XML root node after 4.0.0:
            <FundsXML4 xmlns:xsi=""

replace version numbers as needed

schema validation with XMLSpy

XMLSpy validation OK

XMLSpy validation ERROR

schema validation with online tools

schema validation on the command line

schema validation inside an application